Key Holding

bunch-of-keysFor £10 per month we are able to legally hold a set of your keys, enter your apartment (on a monthly basis) and check that everything is okay.  We turn on the air con unit for 10 minutes to ensure that it's functioning okay.You will receive a monthly news letter with any new of surrounding areas as well as your own development.We are in email contact with you at all times for any worries or concern's that you may have or even just a chat. We are the only people that have the keys to your apartment unless you rent then the renter's will have a key for their stay. In this case we will give the renter the key and collect it back off them after their stay. If you decide on renting your apartment that can all be arranged this side for you, we will take 20% of the rental for the managing of the renters and looking after. We are on call 24/7 for your renters.

We can also for extra charge arrange the transfers from and to the airport for you or the renters. We provide extra cleaning during holiday stays at extra cost.